Film about a Delft professor awarded

Film about a Delft professor awarded 


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The mini documentary A Story of Enlightenment about TU Delft professor Miro Zemans work on solar energy was awarded the Green Heron last week at the Evening of the Commissioned Film. This is the main prize for the best young (under 27) maker of commissioned films, in this case Sven Peetoom from Rotterdam, the films director who learned the trade at TU Delft TV.



In the documentary, professor Zeman (Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science, EEMCS) gives his vision on accelerating the energy transition. A sustainable power supply begins with the generation of sufficient green power, explains Zeman. The sun, which acts as a guide in the documentary, plays an important role in this.


We are incredibly honoured that our scientific documentary has won a Green Heron, responded director Peetoom. I never thought that we could compete at all with a beautiful sustainability film from a company like Albert Heijn, or an awareness campaign about loneliness in the time of Covid-19.


The film about Miro Zeman is one of three that were made on the initiative of EEMCS Information Officer Dave Boomkens for the opening of the Electrical Sustainable Power (ESP) Lab last October. The other two episodes are about Peter Palensky – Digital Technologies and Lucia Beloqui Larumbe – Power Electronics. (JW)



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