Fewer obstacles for Caribbean students

Fewer obstacles for Caribbean students



The Dutch cabinet is removing an important obstacle for students from the Caribbean part of the kingdom. In the near future, they will receive a citizen service number (bsn) before their arrival in the Netherlands and if necessary, a new passport with that number in it.


Previously, they could only get their bsn at a counter in the Netherlands. This caused delays in applying for their study grants and public transport card. Moreover, they could not open bank accounts and take out insurance policies.


Vulnerable students
Dijkgraaf wants to do something for vulnerable Caribbean students with the decision. A 2020 Ombudsman report showed that they are more likely to experience study delays and drop out earlier than others. For example, many of them start with a language delay and sometimes run into financial problems.



Earlier, Minister Dijkgraaf said that he wants to create a new scholarship programme for the Caribbean. This would then be similar to an Erasmus scholarship. How things stand with that plan is still unclear. (HOP, PvT)


Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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