Exceptions to penalty for slow students possible, thinks NSC political leader

Students who, for example, want to do a board year or who are long-term sick could perhaps be exempted from the penalty for slow students, thinks NSC leader Pieter Omtzigt. In the Parlementary debate on the outline agreement for a new Dutch government, he said he plans to look into this ‘carefully’.

It is one of the big surprises from the outline agreement: the penalty for slow students is coming back. It was introduced years ago and then scrapped after much protest, but that will not stop the coalition of PVV, VVD, NSC and BBB: bachelor’s and master’s students who are delayed more than one year will have to pay an additional three thousand euros in tuition fees starting in academic year 2026-2027.

According to Omtzigt, the penalty is ‘justified in relation to the rest of society, which pays for students’ study places.’ He is, however, open to exceptions, he said. For example, he wants to look ‘carefully’ at whether the penalty should also apply to students who are long-term sick or doing an board year.

The National Student Union LSVb is preparing for actions (in Dutch) against the penalty for slow students. President Elisa Weehuizen calls it ‘a baffling measure that makes making mistakes impossible. This creates enormous pressure’.

HOP, Olmo Linthorst

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