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Early introduction period? Stress for some, calm for others

With the OWee being held earlier, many student associations have moved their introduction periods forward. There is now a gap until the academic year starts.

Students in front of Virgiel in a previous OWee. (Photo: Roos van Tongeren)

Traditionally, the introduction periods for prospective members of TU Delft’s student associations start after the OWee. As the OWee was held one week earlier than usual, the introduction periods of some student associations are also being held earlier. How do they deal with that?

“Our introduction period starts immediately after the OWee,” says Eef Budding of DSV Sint Jansbrug, one of the large associations. “It has cut down our time to put the programme together and to arrange things like shirts for everyone. This has caused us some stress.” But in contrast, the introduction period is quieter. “Our introduction period consists of a working week and an association week. There are now a couple of days in between so that people can relax. And afterwards they will have a few days in which to prepare for the start of the academic year.”

‘By moving the OWee, the second week of our introduction period falls in the holiday period’

At Virgiel too, the earlier introduction period is seen as an advantage. “By moving the OWee, the second week of our introduction period falls in the holiday period. We would normally have had to run activities around lectures,” says Sam van Haren. “We are now running them during the day instead of in the evening in the second week. This means we can spend more time on them and can shorten the introduction period by one-and-a-half days.”

This year both student associations are devoting more time to welfare issues. In the case of Virgiel this is a workshop given by their own confidential advisors and a workshop by the GELIJKSPEL (gelijkspel means a match than ends in a draw, Eds.) foundation on norms and behaviour (including sexual norms and behaviour) at the association. A former student will also talk about the impact that alcohol has had on her life. Virgiel and Sint Jansbrug will also address financial health. This workshop will look at combining a study, student life and being a member of an association responsibly.

The introduction period will also start earlier at De Bolk, though they have not adjusted their original programme. “We have not planned any extra activities in the week between the end of our introduction period and the start of the academic year,” said De Bolk’s Thijs Stolwijk on the telephone. “We also did not discuss this at the association.”

Not all the student associations managed to align their introduction period to the OWee. The Delftsche Studenten Bond for example had booked their meeting venue well before the OWee was moved. “We did check to see if we could move it,” says Tobias Greven, “but that was not an option. We then thought about holding drinks as a sort of OWee afterparty to strengthen the connection with the association. But we did not think it would really add anything. Furthermore, the new members are busy enough as it is in that period.”

News editor Bas Koppe

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