DUO too strict for European students

DUO too strict for European students



After several lost court cases, DUO has to adjust its rules for European students, more of whom will receive grants.


If students from the European Union also have paid jobs in the country in which they are studying, they are entitled to grants there too as they then fall under the rules of ‘migrant workers’ and have the same rights as other residents of that country.


The Dutch Government and student financier DUO apply the standard that students must work at least 56 hours a month for the right to grants. However, this standard appears to be too strict, reports NOS, the national broadcasting corporation, and is also not supported by European law.


In recent years, several students who work less than 56 hours a month have filed lawsuits and have been vindicated by the courts. Their lawyers estimate that 32 to 40 hours of paid work should be sufficient for a student to qualify for a grant.


DUO promises to improve its communication towards students and to apply the standard more flexibly – those who do not work the 56 hours will no longer be automatically rejected. It will therefore become easier for students from EU member states to obtain grants in the Netherlands. This is particularly timely since the basic grant is being reintroduced.  (HOP, Hein Cuppen)


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