Dropping by the campus police officer

Do you have questions about a stolen bicycle? Were you broken into? Drop by the neighbourhood police officer. He has a drop in session every Tuesday in the Aula.

Neighbourhood police officer Hans Bogaarts. (Photo: Marjolein van der Veldt)

The neighbourhood police officer for Wippolder and TU Delft is Hans Bogaarts. Once the academic year starts, he comes to campus every Tuesday. He says that the drop in session, which came about from the monthly meeting between TU Delft and the police, is an important way to increase visibility.

Although safety can be improved by being present and visible, this is a geographic challenge for Bogaarts. “I have a large neighbourhood, but find it important to be in direct contact with people.” This is why, whenever he can, he comes to the Aula every Tuesday morning. He shares information with students and staff about current issues and answers questions.

On other days, Bogaarts is mostly on the beat, talking to people. The personal side of his work is important to him. This is why he does not like social media. He does not use Twitter and Facebook. “I try to avoid using my mobile the whole day. Furthermore, I don’t want to get in anyone’s way. Just imagine that I tweet about a break-in while another unit is already working on it.”

He prefers to dedicate time on Tuesday to TU Delft students. And if he is unavailable, his colleague Ingrid Pieters takes over. Apart from answering questions, they take reports on minor incidents such as stolen telephones. For major reports, such as break-ins, they immediately make an appointment at the police station. Students and staff are welcome to see them about issues such as break-ins, bicycle theft, stolen goods and stalking. Other cases are referred to agencies that can help.

For Pieters, the operational neighbourhood expert at the Delft police force, the number of people dropping in is low. “Very few people have dropped by the Aula since the start of the academic year,” she says. This is a shame, even though she believes that it is important for the police to be visible by being available to their ‘clients’, “preferably on fixed days and times, as we do now”. Bogaarts suggests that the police need to be made known. “Students need to know that we are here. And don’t forget, every student that we can help is one student more.”

Until the Christmas holidays, the neighbourhood police officer will be available every Tuesday. After that, TU Delft and the police will evaluate the pilot and decide whether or not to continue.

  • Neighbourhood police officer drop-in
  • Every Tuesday from 9:00-12:00
  • Aula (next to the TU Shop)
News editor Marjolein van der Veldt

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