Delta seeks student photographer

Delta seeks student photographer



Do you have experience as a photographer, do you own a good camera and do you want to improve your skills in journalistic photography? Then come be a photographer for Delta, the news website of the TU Delft! 


This photo was taken by student Dalia Madia, who has been capturing life on and around campus for us since September 2020.


We are looking for a gutsy student who likes to interact with people and wants to shoot stock footage on the TU Delft campus. What we mean by ‘stock’ material? Photos of buildings, of students and staff in many different capacities, of full lecture halls (or empty ones, in times of corona) and everything else you might come across when you are out and about for us. We use those photos for our news releases and background stories.


The person who will be working for us has an eye for composition and detail, makes super-sharp images and sticks to commitments. Are you interested? Then send us three of your very best photos and who knows, maybe you can join our team, starting with a half-day trial assignment (for a fee, of course).


Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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