Delta is looking for a sports editor!

Delta is looking for a sports editor!



Are you a student with an above-average interest in sports and some experience with writing and/or video? Do you know what’s going on in the Delft student sports world and do you want to create interesting stories about it for our target group, your fellow students? Then sign up as a candidate for the position of sports editor at Delta!


What kind of stories are we thinking of? It could be about anything: a portrait of a team that performed particularly well this season, an interview with a top athlete who got to go to the European Championships, World Championships or Olympic Games, a news story about Laga’s relocation or the membership cap at Proteus. What we also find interesting are topics such as the position of sports associations within X, a shortage of trainers or administrators or the admission policy for new sports associations.


Of course, we will help you think about topics and write or edit. Who we are mainly looking for is a person who knows a thing or two about the student sports world in Delft and who has an eye for stories about it. Of course, we will pay you for your efforts.


  • Interested?
    Send an e-mail to Saskia Bonger, editor-in-chief.


Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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