Delft students make Christmas single

Delft students make Christmas single



The Delft student band On y va has released an English-language Christmas single about ‘the other side of the holidays’. The song ‘Wish Myself a Happy Christmas’ is about missing someone special and the sadness that goes with it. The students think that the lockdown can reinforce that sad feeling. In order not to make the song too heavy, the students have made a video clip that shows people coming together through the music.



In spring, On y va also released a single, Zo’ndag, as a way of dealing with the corona era. 



On y va, with from left to right: Micha Arnoldus (23), Bart Leeuwenburg (25), Sipke Hager (23), Merijn Vonk (23), Jorrit Treffers (22). (Photo: On y va)

Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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