Delft student also to court over energy allowance

Delft student also to court over energy allowance



Students in five municipalities are going to court to enforce a 1,300 euro energy allowance. These students from Delft, Rotterdam, Groningen, Leiden and Vijfheerenlanden (a municipality near Utrecht) are getting help from the National Student Union (LSVb). 


More than one thousand students are said to have applied to the union. The LSVb has now decided to support five students in five different municipalities. President Joram van Velzen explained that the reason is that only individuals can start a case at the administrative court. “We as LSVb write their defences, appeals and do their communication,” he said. The Delft student told him he did not want to talk to the press.


Delft is one of the few municipalities that does give energy allowances to students. However, many of them are not eligible because the municipality makes it a condition that a student has an energy contract in their own name. Many students do not have that.


The LSVb hopes to enforce national policy with the lawsuits. “Because we cannot assist every single student,” says Van Velzen. Municipalities are also pushing for national policy. Besides, the cabinet has moved a little bit. It has allocated 35 million euros for students who get into serious trouble and apply for ‘individual special assistance’. These students must be at least 21 years old and meet certain conditions (in Dutch). (HOP, BB/Delta, SB)


Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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