Delft Outlook is out

Delft Outlook is out


Delft scientists regularly draw inspiration from nature. In the October issue of Delft Outlook, you can read about drones inspired by insects, a scarf made from algae, a medical instrument modelled on the octopus, a building panel resembling a sponge and an aircraft wing that moves like a bird. “Inspiration is not an imitation,” says Prof. Paul Breedveld emphatically, “but a way of thinking.”



Furthermore, two prize winners will have their say: Aerospace Engineering professor Max Mulder who was crowned Teacher 2021 because of his positive impact on education and research, and quantum-nano professor Lieven Vandersypen who received the prestigious Spinoza premium.


And there is more: former architecture student Nima Morkoç transforms a burnt down church into starter homes; TPM alumnus and artist Bram Ellens puts robots in a cage; climate experts talk about TU Delft’s new climate programme and the drawing of the just opened ESP lab gives a clear insight in how TU Delft works on a new, solid electricity network. You can read the entire issue here. (DvG)



Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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