Delft: ‘Don’t have house parties’

Delft: ‘Don’t have house parties’


The mayor of Delft, Marja van Bijsterveldt, strongly advises students against organizing house parties with prospective students from all over the Netherlands and abroad. After all, infections with the coronavirus now mainly take place among younger people, in cafes and at parties. She writes this in a letter to students. Van Bijsterveldt calls on them to always comply with the coronavirus measures. Above all, this means that they have to keep a distance of one and a half meters. The mayor also sees risks when looking for rooms. In a letter to students, she writes that students should be careful: ‘Most infections and contagions occur inside families, households and student households.’ Van Bijsterveldt points out that although student houses form a household and the residents do not have to keep a distance from each other, this does not apply to guests and newcomers. ‘If a get-together results in disturbance or a public health risk, measures may be enforced and severe penalties and fines may be given to all persons involved’, she writes. (SB)

Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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