Delft Campus tunnel opens

Delft Campus tunnel opens


After one and a half years of construction work, the new bicycle and pedestrian tunnel at Delft Campus station is open.

The tunnel is part of the renovation of the former Delft Zuid railway station and connects the station area, the TU campus, the adjacent Schieoevers area and the Tanthof and Voorhof districts.



On Monday 21 June, Helga Cuijper (regional director of ProRail), Marc Rosier (portfolio holder for public transport development in the Rotterdam The Hague Haag Metropolitan Region), Martina Huijsmans (alderman for Mobility in the municipality of Delft), Stephan Brandligt (alderman for the Schieoevers area and Delft Campus railway station) and student Jessy van Eesteren (faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science) were the first to cycle through the new tunnel. (MvdV)

News editor Marjolein van der Veldt

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