Covid self-tests at service points

Covid self-tests at service points



The number of Covid infections is on the rise and so TU Delft is using the intranet to remind its employees of the basic measures that are still in place: wash hands, cough and sneeze in the elbow and stay home in case of symptoms.


The latter comes with the advice to get tested. This can be done at a Municipal Health Service (GGD), but also with a self-test. However, in times of rising costs, these self-tests are becoming less attractive. Where are the days when, as a student or education employee, you could request self-tests online? That is no longer possible, but enquiries reveal that self-tests are available at the service points in TU Delft buildings. Students and employees can pick them up there. How many you then get to take may vary, as no guidelines have been communicated for this, said TU Delft executive secretary Salomon Voorhoeve.


What measures will take effect if Covid infections escalate further is up for discussion at the Works Council’s consultation meetings with the Executive Board on 20 October. The Executive Board has commissioned a local detailing of the higher education sector plan. In the local plan, which is currently a draft, four scenarios with corresponding measures have been worked out. In the mildest scenario, little more than the current basic measures would be needed. In the worst case scenario, contact restrictions would come into effect. Delta will report more on the possible scenarios once the plan is adopted. (SB)


Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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