Complaint concerning vegetarian canteen at Architecture

Complaint concerning vegetarian canteen at Architecture



The AgriFacts Foundation has submitted a complaint to the Scientific Integrity Committee (CWI) of TU Delft. The foundation disputes the calculations of the climate profit of the vegetarian canteen at the Faculty of Architecture.


(Photo: TU Delft)


‘Here we go again…’, says Prof. Dr. Ir. Andy van der Dobbelsteen, TU Delft’s sustainability coordinator, on Twitter (@dobbelska). ‘For months @tudelft has been stalked by the Agrifacts Foundation, which keeps agitating against the choice to no longer serve meat or fish in the restaurant of the @BKTUDelft faculty, even though students and staff are very happy with it.’


In a recent article in the sector magazine Agraaf, the Stichting Agrifacts (STAF) states that food of animal and vegetable origin is treated differently. ‘For example, drinks of animal origin (milk) are included, but drinks of vegetable origin are not. This increases the difference in CO2 footprint between a diet with and without animal products’, concludes STAF.


‘The figures that we have used to provide insight into the difference between various diets come from our own research of several years ago. Meanwhile, @rivm also has figures on the CO2 footprint of food. And these do not differ in any way from my figures,’ Van den Dobbelsteen replied in a Tweet thread.


The TU Delft has stated that the Scientific Integrity Committee will first check whether the complaint falls within its remit and whether the complaint is admissible. (JW)



Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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