Compensation for students on scholarship

Compensation for students on scholarship

PhD students with a scholarship, just like PhD students who are employed by TU Delft, can receive compensation for delays caused by corona. The Graduate School has informed them of this in a newsletter.

Executive Board member Rob Mudde told the Works Council on 17 June that it is initially up to the grant provider – an external fund or a company – to compensate the delay. Only when that fails, TU Delft will take over. As with other PhD students, the initiative for a request lies with the supervisor. After that, the Faculty Dean decides. The Human Resources and Finance departments will check whether the application meets the criteria. If so, the compensation will consist of a three-month employment contract equal to the standard scholarship. 

According to the official figures of June 2021, there were at that time 542 scholarship PhD students registered at TU Delft. The actual number may be higher because these PhD students are not always registered at a central level. (SB)


Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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