Coffee Cup Campaign

FMVG hired sandwich men to advertise their new recycling bins for coffee cups.
LR student Amol Mahabir is one of the students hired by TU Delft Facility Management (FMVG) to draw attention to their new recycling bins for coffee cups.

Sandwich men like him explain to TU Delft students and staff that the TU Delft coffee cups are super suitable to recycle.

In order to do that, FMVG relies on students and staff to deposit empty cups in the special recycle bins that have appeared all over campus. Also, FMVG would appreciate if ONLY coffee cups are put into the bins. These are NO receptacles for batteries, used lamps or chemical waste. Thank you.

Mahabir recently finished his BSc in Aerospeace Engineering and is now earning and saving money to finance his master. “Why not make the world a cleaner place in the mean time?”, he reasoned.

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