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Climate activists interrupt Dies Leiden

Climate activists interrupt Dies Leiden



Students of End Fossil Leiden/Delft disrupted the opening speech of Leiden rector magnificus Hester Bijl at the Dies celebration in the Pieterskerk on 8 February. They want Leiden University to cut ties with the fossil industry, because the students believe it is destroying their future.


Photo: End Fossil Leiden/Delft


At least one Delft student was present at the action. “This is a peaceful protest,” he exclaimed on images distributed by the students. In it, security people can be seen carrying him off, while other students meanwhile stand on stage and continue their call to the university.


Several universities have recently seen protests and occupations by student climate activists. On 8 February, for instance, an occupation took place at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Universities appear to be sensitive to the actions. Erasmus University, for instance, under pressure, has declared a climate emergency and the University of Amsterdam announced it will not enter into new research collaborations with fossil companies for the time being. In Delft, students can sign a petition from End Fossil Leiden/Delft. The group is also in talks with the Executive Board.


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