CDA Delft asks questions about Pauwmolen flat

CDA Delft asks written questions about Pauwmolen flat 



Written questions were asked (in Dutch) about the Pauwmolen new flat complex at the Delft Municipal Council this week. Young starters can rent one of the 142 flats for a short stay of up to six months. Students fall under a campus contract. They can rent one of the 143 studios. CDA Delft questions the desirability of a short stay rental of a flat that is intended for young starters. This local political party says that short stays are not attractive for young starters and that they attract other types of renters such as labour migrants. CDA Delft is also afraid that the rent will rise sharply in a short time as landlords can legally ask for higher rents after every rental contract.



A press release (in Dutch) of the accommodation provider shows that the unfurnished rent of student studios for the first residents that moved in in September last year was EUR 590. The rent of flats for young starters was EUR 632. On top of that were monthly service costs (EUR 150) and furnishing charges (EUR 90 to EUR 130). At present, the unfurnished rent for student studios is EUR 710 and for flats about EUR 740, which amounts to EUR 120 and EUR 108 more respectively than when the first residents moved in.  



The construction of the flat was approved in 2010 (in Dutch) by the Delft Municipal Executive. The project developer Timpaan was still involved at the time. The 285 studios and flats are now rented out by Mosiac World, previously known as Camelot Europe. The developer bought the ground and its associated building plans four years ago (in Dutch) from Timpaan.



(Photo: Justyna Botor)


News editor Annebelle de Bruijn

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