Bug in R&D form fixed

The problems with the digital R&D form have been resolved. Employees can now fill in their results for the past year.

(Screenshot digital form)

A few weeks ago, a bug appeared in the digital version of the form in which employees enter their previous year’s results and development (R&D). The form did not have a box to record the results of the previous period. According to the Works Council, the form therefore immediately forced employees to assess themselves.

That was never agreed with the supplier, says Human Resources Manager (HR) Ingrid Halewijn. Employees needed a ‘not applicable’ box, but the ‘check mark’ had disappeared. According to Halewijn, the check mark was made available last Thursday. “I worked in the system last weekend and it worked perfectly, even from home.”

If the system does not work, Halewijn advises employees to contact the HR Contact Centre via or +31 (0) 15 27 89000. According to Halewijn, HR has recently received several questions about the form. Answers to frequently asked questions can be found on the employee portal.

News editor Connie van Uffelen

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