Blok and Taebi in Climate Council

Blok and Taebi in Climate Council



The council of ministers has set up a Scientific Climate Council (WKR) to advise the government and parliament on climate policy, solicited and unsolicited. Professor of environment and sustainability Jan Willem Erisman (Leiden University) was appointed chairman on 1 March and a few weeks later the nine members of “the strong and diverse team that will provide the government with scientific advice followed.”


Two of them are from TU Delft: Kornelis Blok (professor of energy systems analysis) and Behnam Taebi (professor of energy and climate ethics). Both are with the Faculty of Technology, Policy & Management (TPM).


The WKR’s first report, expected by 1 February next year, will deal with guiding choices in the energy transition. The science-based advice will focus on the long term.  It will form the basis for the Climate Plan (autumn 2024) that describes climate policy for the coming years.


The full composition of the WKR is on the government website (in Dutch).

Science editor Jos Wassink

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