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Once every two years, the Faculty of Architecture turns into a dance temple

Partying at the faculty. It sounds unthinkable, but every two years since 1972, Delft’s Faculty of Architecture has been the setting for what the organisers say is the largest indoor faculty festival in the world. Saturday was the 26th edition.

The Orange Hall containing the Live Stage was hardly recognisable anymore as part of the Faculty of Architecture. This was partly thanks to a special Design Team, a group of 12 students who who took it on them to decorate the event. (Photo: Isis Verhaag/Timon Taen)

In the Modell Hall the SkaaL Stage was to be found, dedicated to EDM and house. Job de Jong was one of the artists who took the stage to perform for the 3000 visitors. (Photo: Isis Verhaag/Timon Taen)
The post-punk band Shaemless on the Live Stage at the Orange Hall. The festival started at 3 p.m. and ended at 11 p.m. due to arrangements with the neighbourhood. (Photo: Isis Verhaag/Timon Taen)
With almost 30 names, the evening's line-up was well filled. Yaro Mila's avant-garde pop blared through the Orange Hall from the Live Stage. (Photo: Isis Verhaag/Timon Taen)
No party without a photobooth. For the organising committee, it was hard work building up in the days before the festival. The committee from Stylos (Architecture study association) had been working on the festival since September, and since February they did so full-time. (Photo: Isis Verhaag/Timon Taen)
The techno stage of the faculty festival was in the Berlage Bunker, usally home to a master studio. (Photo: Isis Verhaag/Timon Taen)
Science editor Kim Bakker

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