Best Graduate 2021: Zhuo-ming Shia

Best Graduate 2021: Zhuo-ming Shia


Zhuo-ming Shia (Faculty of Architecture and the Built environment) has been chosen as Best Graduate of TU Delft 2021. Like the other nominees, he received a high mark from the Examination Board. Shia designed a process for socially responsible global housing.


f.l.t.r. Prof.dr. Rob Mudde, Nelson Mota, ir. Zhuo-ming Shia, Dick van Gameren, Cindy de Visser. (Foto: TU Delft)


The TU Delft Best Graduate Award Ceremony is organised every year by the Delft University Fund. Thursday afternoon there was a live broadcast from the Aula. The eight best graduates (one from each faculty) presented their thesis and told the personal story behind their research.


Users/residents are involved early on in the Shia design process. “As architects, we can have a major impact on the world by making good buildings,” he says in an interview on the TU Delft website. “That is why even ordinary projects are not boring, but complex, requiring sophisticated solutions.” His proposed method is intended for mass housing, but with room for customisation. He himself experienced in Beijing how the increasing need for housing means that apartment buildings are moving further and further away from the city. People have to move far from their social connections and that has a major impact on their standard of living.


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