Application for renewal education changes

Application for renewal education changes



If a college or university wants to start a new programme, it must submit an application to the Commission for Higher Education Effectiveness (CDHO). If it’s up to minister Dijkgraaf, the rules for such an application will change.


Dijkgraaf proposes an internet consultation. Universities and colleges of higher education will also be asked to report their plans for a new programme before submitting an application. Anyone who wants may criticise and suggest improvements. This way, institutions can talk to each other earlier. That would benefit cooperation.


The application procedure itself is also changing. Previously, only institution boards could respond to the application of another university or university of applied sciences. Soon, employers, student organisations and other stakeholders will also be allowed to give their opinions.


Innovating education can also be done by transforming an existing programme. But where is the limit? Can you, for instance, transform an existing ICT programme into an artificial intelligence programme?


“Where some institutions see room to innovate within the existing variety of programmes, others want to start a new programme for roughly the same development,” Dijkgraaf writes. This is why he wants to better educate institutions about the room they have for educational innovation within the existing offer. (HOP, BB)


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