Alumni Walk of Fame officially open

Alumni are important ambassadors for TU Delft and examples for today’s students. That is why the university began selecting the Alumnus of the Year in 2011. To make these successful former students more visible there is now an Alumni Walk of Fame on campus.

The Alumni Walk of Fame is an initiative of the University Fund. Near the Prometheus statue on campus there a now plaques for the five alumni who were selected over the last years. In this way the Fund wants to put successful former students in the spotlight. It also hopes to inspire today’s students to strive for their own plaque in the Mekel Park.

The Alumni Walk of Fame was opened on June 2, 2016 in the presence of Ronald Prins, Alumnus of the Year 2016. Prins is Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Fox-IT, a major cybersecurity company based in Delft. Fox-IT secures Dutch state secrets, performs security audits for companies all over the world and does digital forensic research.

In an interview in Delta 16, Prins said that he is “surprised and very proud” of his award. “Apparently I stand out. That is a surprise because I have never felt like a super student,” he said. “It took me eight years to graduate. I was too busy doing other things: eavesdropping on the police and cracking software packages.”

The other alumni of the year were: Adriaan van Hooydonk (2014), Daan Bruggink (2013), Rinske Geerlings (2012) and Arnoud Greidanus (2011). They have all ‘more than proven themselves in the world of innovation and research’, said the University Fund. (SB)

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