Additional teaching rooms in tents

Additional teaching rooms in tents



On Thursday 27 August, the last equipment was installed in two tents on the site of Lijm & Cultuur, located on the Rotterdamseweg. The tents will be available for TU Delft education from the start of the academic year.


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(Photo: Jos Wassink)


“This extra space gives TU Delft students more possibilities to physically be on campus within the current restrictions,” explains housing advisor education spaces and study places Elizabeth Blokland.  Both tents consist of two classrooms, which are mainly suitable for work groups and collaboration. Electricity is available, as are WiFi, white screens and chalkboards.


Education has priority in the tents, but other meetings are also possible. If rooms are not booked, students can work there outside of their courses, a rule that applies to all lecture halls with separate tables and chairs on campus.


TU Delft’s scheduling staff have already found the rooms for future working lectures, Blokland says. They are already 77 percent full with courses of the AS, AE and and 3mE faculties. (SB)


Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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