AcademyKiss for bullying research

AcademyKiss for bullying research



Business expert Susanne Täuber exposes bullying behaviour at universities. For this, she received the annual ‘AcademyKus’ from the General Education Union (AOb) on Valentine’s Day.


The AOb prize has been awarded on 14 February every year since 2017 to someone who has made a special commitment to science. This year, the theme of the award was academic freedom.


The jury praised an article published by Groningen scholar Susanne Täuber with some colleagues in the Groene Amsterdammer weekly. According to the authors, the policy on social safety at universities has backfired and caused more abuses. It would even threaten academic freedom.


Ironically, Täuber herself is embroiled in a lawsuit because the University of Groningen wants to dismiss her because of a ‘disrupted working relationship’. This reports the Utrecht University newspaper U-krant  For her part, Täuber argues that she is being discriminated against and that her publications cause so much bad blood within the institution that she has been prevented from working. (HOP, PvT) (HOP, PvT)


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