500 student houses in Rijswijk

500 student houses in Rijswijk



The municipalities of Delft and Rijswijk have signed an agreement for the development of student housing in Rijswijk. In a joint press release, both municipalities state that at least 500 affordable homes will be built for students.


These houses are to be constructed on a campus to be developed in the vicinity of Rijswijk’s Kesslerpark. A place where, in addition to student accommodation, there will also be room for education, research and startups.


The agreement is a solution to the prevailing room shortage in Delft. With the growing number of students there is a great demand for suitable accommodation, but the municipality has too few opportunities to meet this demand in the short term. Conversely, Delft can help Rijswijk develop its campus. The signed agreement between the two municipalities lays down this mutual commitment. (MvdV)


News editor Marjolein van der Veldt

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