Will this be your future home?

The MOR team has a dream: living in a green world in energy neutral houses. That’s why they’re developing a strategy to renovate buildings into modular and future-proof homes.

The MOR team built a house, tore it down and rebuilt it with exactly the same materials. (Photo: MOR Team)

They built a house, tore it down and rebuilt it with exactly the same materials. Sounds impossible? Not for this group of 52 students. Meet the MOR team.

  •  mor (team)  

    Definition of MOR (team)

    1: Modular office renovation.

    2. A team of 52 students researching a renovation strategy to transform underperforming office buildings into multifunctional buildings that are net positive: they produce more energy than they use.

The MOR team takes on two of the Netherlands’ major challenges in its built environment: the housing shortage and the closing of poorly performing office buildings. Many of you may have heard or be familiar with the first problem, the increasing lack of housing and especially affordable housing. The second challenge is probably less well-known. By 2023, a new law will take effect that will force offices with energy labels lower than D to close. The MOR team is developing a strategy to kill these two birds with one stone: renovating inefficient office buildings into modular future-proof homes. 

“The MOR project started two years ago,” says team member Jasper Sauer. The team began by defining why they were doing this project and came to the conclusion that the strategy would be to try and renovate underperforming office buildings into affordable homes.

So we have all kind of different modules and depending on what the people who are living or working in the building need, we can take away a module and build a new module in it each time.”

Solar Decathlon

The team participated in the Solar Decathlon in Hungary. The competition was initiated in 2007 and challenges universities from all over the world to design, build and operate a solar-powered and energy self-sufficient home equipped with advanced technologies, and designed to the highest standards of sustainability. The MOR Team came second out of 17 competing universities at the 2019 Solar Decathlon held in Szentendre, Hungary.

TU Delft TV shot a short documentary on the MOR Team. Make sure to watch it below.