What’s hiding?: Madame de Berry

Aren’t we all lonely planets? This is the title of a unique theatre show created by Berry Visser, who stars as Madame de Berry.

The English language performances take place in a twenty-seven seat theatre in the city centre, which also happens to be Visser’s home. Far more than a theatre show, it’s an experience. Madame de Berry takes you on a journey through space to Jupiter with Milky Way Airlines at 95% the speed of light, sharing her stories and theories along the way. Visser does it for love, not money: “My aim was to create something which people enjoy, if you can give them a good night out, that’s quite something. To bring them to another world for a couple of hours, that’s what I like to do.” There are two or three shows per month, except during summer, and private flights for special occasions are possible.

It’s a small family affair. One stepdaughter performs in the show alongside Madame de Berry while the star’s partner and other stepdaughter take care of the inflight catering, completing the crew.

The house was originally a warehouse, spread over three floors, and Visser has spent years transforming it to its current splendour. There are colour themed salons and lounges, and an elaborate décor in baroque style. Items have been collected from antique and flea markets: chandeliers, mirrors, furniture, skeletons and trinkets.

The show itself includes music, film clips, smoke machines and screens that map your journey through space. Not to mention Madame de Berry’s unusual friends who join you for the ride, Dorothy the doll and rabbits Humpty and Dumpty amongst others.

In the words of the star: “Life’s a bitch, and then you die.” She’s either completely mad or an absolute genius, you’ll have to decide for yourself.

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