What do you know about the knowledge embargo?

The TU Delft student council wants to generate attention for the time it takes the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science (OCW) to grant exemption from the knowledge embargo. For students starting their master’s thesis or studies at TU Delft, it’s important to be aware of this possible hold up as decision time can reach a limit of thirteen weeks and may affect their graduation date, the council stated during a meeting with the TU Delft Executive Board on 23 January.

The knowledge embargo was installed by the United Nations (UN) and obliges countries to prevent knowledge about nuclear weapons and means of delivery (such as ballistic missiles) from ending up in North Korea. Dutch education and research offers knowledge that can potentially contribute to the manufacture of nuclear weapons and means of delivery. Therefore, anyone who wants to study or conduct research in certain (professional) areas must apply for an exemption from the knowledge embargo. Without this exemption, students cannot start their studies, thesis or research.

Students who need to apply for the exemption need to complete a questionnaire from the Ministry of OCW. The Ministry will then assess the application and looks at the risks that the knowledge contributes to the North Korean nuclear program. (MvdV)

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