The week of… Sebastian, Jefferey & Thomas

1. Presenting a lecture at the academic ceremony of TU Delft’s 174th Dies Natalis and a seminar titled ‘Machine Intelligence’,Sebastian Thrun is quite the figure in the field of robotics.

Originally from Germany, Thrun is a professor of Computer Science at Stanford University and CEO of Udacity. He was involved in the development of the Stanley autonomous car in 2003 and also led the development of the now famous Google self-driving car. His work on robotics, particularly autonomous systems has garnered him a number of science awards.

2. Jeffrey Bradshaw also joined the TU Delft Dies Natalis seminar all the way from Florida. Speaking about ‘co-active design’, he is a Senior Research Assistant at the Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition. With a background in psychology, Bradshaw has long had an interest in software and technology, particularly Human-Agent-Robot Teamwork. As such, he took part in the Dies Natalis seminar ‘Robots: Tools or Teammates’ speaking about co-active design. An interesting fact about Bradshaw; he has served as a bishop in The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints.

3. Considered a pioneer in the field of robotics, Thomas Sheridan is Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Psychology Emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Originally from Ohio, Sheridan first joined MIT in 1959. He also worked at a number of other institutions throughout the years. Sheridan has developed several concepts important to human-robot interaction, a topic on which he spoke at the Dies Natalis celebrations. He published a book in 2002 titled ‘Humans and Automation’, as well as a number of academic papers on subjects from robotics to religion.

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