Virgiel raises 6,700 euros for charity

Virgiel raises 6,700 euros for charity


Alcuin Amal, a committee of student association Virgiel, has raised 6,700.58 euros for charity by making radio for 24 hours.


In the Delft Blue House, a nod to 3FM’s Glazen Huis (an annual fundraiser, Eds.), a pair of Virgilians made radio for a day. During their effort, they received well-known guests such as writers Philip Huff and Kader Abdolah and hip-hop artist Fokke Simons.


The amount raised will go entirely to help refugee children in Greece. One of the organisers, Milou Eijsbroek, spoke to Delta earlier about the initiative. (MvdV)



The Delft Blue House was on the Sint Agathaplein in Delft for 24 hours. (Photo: Thijs van Reeuwijk)


News editor Marjolein van der Veldt

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