[VIDEO] Three reasons why Kite Power is better than wind turbines

What if we could harness that power with a kite? This is exactly what Wubbo Ockels thought when he patented airborne wind energy almost twenty years ago. Researchers at TU Delft are testing kite power and will sell their first system in 2018.

Roland Schmehl explains how kite power works. (Photos: TU Delft TV and Kitepower)

The idea is to have a kite flying up to 600 metres altitude in the sky and to harvest the strong wind up there. The wing of the kite is connected to a ground station and it reels into and out of the station. As it reels in, it uses a little bit of energy to get back to earth, but during reel-out, the 40m2 kite generates 32kW of power. In the video, Roland Schmehl, co-founder of the start-up, explains how this works.