[Video] A kitchen for life

Want to change your kitchen once in a while without buying a new one? The Circular Kitchen is just that: easy, adaptable and circular.

The Circular Kitchen will be a market ready product within three years. (Photo: TU Delft TV)

The built environment produces a lot of waste, causing a lot of pollution. One way to avoid this is to gradually move from a normal built environment to a circular built environment. Take buildings for example. They consist of many components such as units, bathrooms and kitchens. If you would replace these components during maintenance and renovation, it would lead to a bottom-up implementation of a circular economy in the built environment.

At the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, the TU Delft, Chalmers, AMS Institute, industry partners and clients aim to develop such a circular component: The Circular Kitchen. “It’s detachable, adaptable and you can use the same ideas for pretty much every building component,” explains PhD student Bas Jansen. “It’s a kitchen for life, which means that it adapts to all phases of life and lasts a lifetime.”

The research group just developed its first prototype and in three years from now, it will be a market ready product designed for everybody. “That’s because it is so adaptable,” explains Jansen. “So whether you want a huge kitchen with a lot of appliances or a smaller kitchen, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t even matter what colour you want. It’s a fit for everyone.”

TU Delft TV made a short documentary on the features of The Circular Kitchen. You can watch it below.