Universities lower standard for BSA

Universities lower standard for BSA



Because of the coronavirus measures universities are relaxing the binding recommendation on continuation of studies. That means that first-year students now need to get fewer credits in order to be allowed to proceed with the second year. The higher professional education sector has not yet taken a joint decision.


The fourteen universities have opted, as they did last year, to lower the BSA standard by 10 to 15 percent. The precise reduction can vary from one study programme to another and the BSA rules may also be altered if the circumstances of a study programme make this necessary. As always, there are exceptions for individual students who have encountered problems.


Universities of the Netherlands (UNL) points out that many students are suffering from stress and other complaints because of the coronavirus crisis. A relaxation of the BSA can relieve them of some of that stress.


The Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences expects to take a decision next week. In the last academic year, higher professional education relaxed the requirement two months earlier than the universities, who wondered whether that was really necessary in light of the academic progress. (HOP, Hein Cuppen | Translation: Taalcentrum-VU)


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