TU/e occupiers satisfied for now

TU/e occupiers satisfied for now



The climate activists who occupied two rooms at TU Eindhoven have ceased their protest. The university administration has promised the students a report stating how sustainable scientific research in Eindhoven is. From now on, the annual accounts will also be more open about the financial support companies give the university. “We are not ready yet,” activist Liz van der Jagt tells university magazine Cursor. “But we definitely see this as a victory and we are further ahead than other universities with this.”


The 11 activists from action groups University Rebellion and End Fossil Occupy occupied two rooms at TU Eindhoven from last Monday. They had three demands: the university should sever all ties with the fossil industry, declare a climate emergency and be more open about its financial ties with companies.


The activists will have a ‘follow-up meeting with the Board on 12 April about the draft version of the annual accounts’, Van der Jagt told Cursor. “Then we can check in advance whether the Executive Board is keeping its promises.” On Friday, the Board already acknowledged a climate crisis with all kinds of devastating consequences. The occupiers also saw that as a victory. (HOP, PvT)


Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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