TU Delft’s plans with the new intranet

TU Delft staff members who start their intranet on Wednesday will automatically be connected to the new staff portal.

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Anyone logging in on the new intranet from Wednesday onwards will be able to design their own page. The idea is that information will be faster and easier to find.


Three rubrics can be designed individually.

  • News and agenda

Depending on your position, service or faculty, you can choose the news that you wish to receive. This can be changed at any time. Delta can be set in the opening screen.

  • Tasks

Exam scores, leave requests, bicycle or space reservations, result and development meetings and lab equipment orders: put the tasks that you expect to use the most on your home page.

  • Background information

Everything you want to know about subjects like the CAO or the appointment of staff members. Interim Director of Communications Joost Ravoo explains that the information is more compact than before as the current system ‘took on a life of its own’. Readers can submit feedback about the given information beneath every information page or by using the contact button.

The first step for the intranet
According to Ravoo, the new intranet version is only a first step. “What we ultimately want is that the intranet is the first thing you see when you open your browser,” says Ravoo. “This would be good, especially for the news provision. It would become very likely that people can see the news immediately or are given a suggested task to start their day.”

Things are not yet at that stage. The intranet will first be filled over the next few months. “After that, we will gradually drop the old ‘push notifications’ such as the newsletters,” says Ravoo. “There will be more customised information which people will be able to choose themselves.”

Ravoo says that the intranet “really needed to be replaced. Furthermore, an overhaul of the staff portal was on the cards for a long time.” Work on the new intranet has been underway for four years. “The first project was halted just before going live as some of the technical aspects did not yet work well. We expect that the intranet will work properly now as HR, IT and Communications worked closely together in terms of content, technically and news gathering. We looked closely at what was needed.”

A final note, staff will still have to log in more than once. “IT emphasises that it intends to solve this,” says Ravoo. “We hope that this will be improved in the next few months and that you will have to do this less and less frequently. The reasons are connected to security.”

News editor Connie van Uffelen

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