TU Delft TV: Artist in the lab

One of the meeting rooms in the Applied Sciences building has been converted into an artist’s studio. Meet John Walter, Kavli’s artist-in-residence.

(Still from TU Delft TV)

The Kavli Institute for Nanoscience in Delft has created space for the British painter and visual artist, John Walter, who literally set up shop among the labs and the researchers.

Walter started out by making copies of Delftware in weird colours, assembling these into paintings and compiling them into a virtual reality tour through the lab. “I like to make things that are complex,” he explains. “I’m interested in complexity, not simplicity. I’m sort of the anti-Piet Mondriaan.”

“Having an artist in the house makes you think differently about your own research,” says Professor Cees Dekker, member of the selection committee. “We will challenge ourselves through interacting with the artist.”

See how that works in this week’s episode of TU Delft TV

Camera & Editing: Ward Dijkman
Producer: Roel Breure
Script & Direction: Jos Wassink / TU Delta

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