TU Delft students open new Makerspace

TU Delft students open new Makerspace

Makerspace Delft
, a co-working space run by TU Delft students in the Cable District, will officially open its doors on Friday 5 March . In this non-profit work shop, people can work on their ideas or projects. The space provides all kinds of equipment, such as power tools, 3D printers, and a laser cutter. 

The work shop has run the pilot phase since autumn 2020. Student projects such as Pyropower and Lambach Aircraft have already worked there, within the applicable corona restrictions of course. Christopher Groen, Makerspace’s team manager, now also wants to reach more people outside academia. “Our wish is to link the Delft community with the academic world.” 

You can register for the opening here.

Rayan Suryadikara / Science Desk Intern

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