TU Delft student with corona leaves student house

The corona-infected TU student is temporarily housed in independent accommodation. Her student room turned out to be an unsuitable place to recover.

Washing your hands well is the motto, also on campus. (Photo: Jos Wassink)

Sunday afternoon it was announced that a a 23 year old TU Delft student had returned from Northern Italy infected. She followed health guidelines and stayed in home isolation in her student house. The area health authority GGD now reports that this environment is not suitable after all. “Her current living conditions make it difficult to adequately follow the RIVM isolation guidelines”, writes the authority.

During the isolation the student is not allowed to have direct contact with other people; she stays in her own room, uses her own toilet and shower, wears a mask and her meals are taken care of.
The woman is now temporarily housed in an independent room, where she can continue her studies from home. Because of the isolation the transfer took place by ambulance. This had nothing to do with her state of health. “The woman is doing well”, says a GGD spokesman . “The fact that she has now moved makes for a somewhat more relaxed situation.”

The GGD is still busy approaching people with whom the student has had contact in recent days. “We haven’t found any new corona infections,” the press officer says.

A TU Delft spokesperson states that the university will not cancel any activities due to the virus. For example, the open days on 6 and 7 March for secondary school students will continue. However, she advises everyone to keep an eye on the TU website for the latest developments.

Editor Tomas van Dijk

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