TU Delft lecturer receives Open Science grant

TU Delft lecturer receives Open Science grant



Twenty-six scientists have received amounts up to 50 thousand euros from research financier NWO to make research data freely accessible and easily searchable. One of them is TU professor Artur Schweidtmann (Applied Sciences).


More and more scientific articles can be read free of charge by anyone (open access), but what about the underlying data? Open science is the ideal that scientific data should also be easily accessible.


Flowsheet simulations
Sharing data is easier said than done. NWO has now funded projects to pave the way. The scientists work, for example, on good data visualisation in freely accessible software or on sharing knowledge within a specific field.


Schweidtmann wants to use the money to set up an open-source knowledge bank for data on flowsheet simulations. This so-called ‘Chemical Engineering Knowledge Graph’ should accelerate biochemical process development, both in the academic world and in industry.


In this first round of the Open Science Fund, a total of one million euros was available. (HOP, BB / Delta, SB)


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