TU Delft dominates ‘KIJK’s list of ideas

TU Delft dominates ‘KIJK’s list of ideas



Now everyone can cast their vote on the Dutch science magazine ‘KIJK’s list of 20 best tech ideas (in Dutch). “There are usually two or three entries from TU Delft,” says editor Laurien Onderwater, “But this year there are quite a few more.” Over a third of the list is filled with TU Delft subjects: six from TU Delft and one from a start-up.


The list, which went online on 14 September, will remain open until 5 October. After that, a jury consisting of editors and scientists will examine the results and compile a top 10. These 10 ideas will be presented in the November issue of the magazine. The best tech idea of last year will also be announced then. The November issue will be available from 18 November.

Science editor Jos Wassink

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