Three men arrested for swindling TU Delft

Three men arrested for swindling TU Delft

The Delft police have arrested three suspects for swindling TU Delft and others. They are men of 20, 34 and 39 from Waddinxveen, Zaanstad and Rotterdam. They had tried to order two hundred robot vacuum cleaners under a false TU Delft domain name.

Because the supplier was suspicious, this did not happen and the police found out about another fraud attempt. The three ordered Ipads worth over EUR 100,000 on behalf of another company. They were arrested on 20 January when these Ipads were delivered. They are now awaiting their court case in freedom.

In the past few months, the TU has been the victim of two similar fraud attempts. It is unclear whether the three arrested men are also responsible for these. On 21 January, the TU Delft warned employees about the fraud. Employees can report suspicious orders to (SB)

Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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