These are the five most expensive rooms in Delft

A palace for peanuts? Forget it in 2021. What do you think about six square metres for almost EUR 400? These are the five most expensive rooms in Delft.

The most expensive room in Delft costs EUR 67,14 per square metre. (Photos:

In 2019, the price per square metre was a bit over EUR 25 a month. Anyone looking for a room for that price now will feel cheated. Of the 75 rooms offered on Kamernet, only half are available for up to EUR 25 per square metre. 

Delta lists the five most expensive rooms. After all, students living independently need to count every cent.

This list was compiled on 4 October 2021 from the rooms advertised on the Kamernet, Marktplaats, Pararius websites and which is regulated by Duwo.

1. Vrouwjuttenland, 7 m2 for EUR 470
At EUR 67.14 per square metre, this is tops the list of rooms in Delft. For that price you get a ‘cosy’ room of seven square metres that contains a bed, sofa and desk. The high sleeper bed means that the small space is optimally used. One perk, according to the current three residents of Huize VJ4, is the outdoor space. ‘The room is not big but it does have a private balcony.’

2. Bosboom-Toussaintplein, 6 m2 for EUR 390
A double bed completely fills this room on the Bosboom-Toussaintplein. But you do get something for your EUR 65 per square metre. Casa BT is only a five minute bike ride from Delft Campus station and has a house social evening every Wednesday. As the rooms are not large, the housemates enjoy studying together at the table in the GR (common room). Does this not appeal? Another advantage: you are at the TU Delft Library within 10 minutes.

3. Hendrick de Keyserweg, 7 m2 for EUR 392
The three residents at Huize Hendrick are looking for a fourth musketeer. Close to the city centre and opposite ‘the fabulous yellow-blue building where cupboards and Swedish meatballs are sold’ is a room of seven square metres. A good deal if you want the afternoon and evening sunshine while studying and extra storage space in the hallway.

4. De Colignystraat, 9 m2 for EUR 550
Living with a landlady. It seems a bit old fashioned, but in the 21st century it is an attractive option for many home-owners. Take this fully furnished room in De Colignystraat for example. A stone’s throw from campus and you share the bathroom and kitchen with the lady of the house and her son of 12. And that for only EUR 61.11 per square metre.

5. Menno ter Braaklaan, 12 m2 for EUR 616 excl.
Close to the De Hoven shopping centre is a room in a ‘clean and spacious’ flat. At 12 square metres you can call this the villa among the rooms. And you pay for it. The price is EUR 616 excluding gas, water, light and taxes. According to the website, students spend an average of EUR 100 and EUR 140 on monthly costs depending on the housing situation, consumption and if they have housemates. If we take the lower cost, this room amounts to EUR 59.67 per square metre. The advantage: you can put a double bed and a cupboard in this room with no problem.

These are pretty expensive, but it could always be worse. What do you think about six square metres for EUR 1,000 in Amsterdam? Or 15 square metres for EUR 800 in the Stay at 7 hotel in Rijswijk? A disadvantage: you do not have a kitchen but you can eat in the dining room every day. For a fee of course. No? Then what about this room in Arnhem. A roof above your head for only EUR 200 seems like a good deal but … where are the windows?

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