There’s an app for that

Snapchat’s reputation may be less than stellar. The photo, and now video, sharing app allows users to send images that disappear after a few seconds, leading to allegations that it encourages sexting and even facilitates insider trading.

Master’s student Aukje Schukken doesn’t use it for any nefarious reasons. Despite having a Dutch passport, she grew up in the US and uses Snapchat to keep in touch with her American friends. “Texting messaging apps, like What’s App, aren’t popular in the US because most cell phone plans have unlimited texts,” she explains. Schukken frequently exchanges photos or short videos with her friends, sharing images of their hobbies or sending words of encouragement. Because the images are erased so quickly, she often sends silly or goofy photos. Snapchat also allows users to determine how long the image will be available for and even lets users draw on the photos. The app is available for iOS and Android. 

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