On October 4th, 2013, the 3rd edition of TEDxDelft will take place in TU Delft Aula Congress Centre. This year, the most inspirational event of Delft is themed
‘Do Try This At Home’ and will feature twenty acts from the fields of Technology, Entertainment and Design (or TED for short).

In 2010, when we first started investigating the idea of bringing the inspirational 18-minute talks to Delft, we discovered the concept of TED fits Delft perfectly. TED is about new ideas, inspiring people, science, humanity, design, and emotion, about doing things in a new way and about inspiring others to investigate their way of taking ideas to the next level. Delft’s history shows we have always done things this way.

The people of Delft have had their share in creating history and will continue to do just that.

To ensure TEDxDelft is independent and non-commercial, we formed a non-profit in which TU Delft, the municipality of Delft, local companies and other non-profits work together as a team to make the events possible. We engage the local community of Delft by inviting people and companies to contribute whatever skills, goods or funds they are able to share. It is our belief that the TEDx concept is such an inspiration to so many people because its partners contribute with whatever they are good at. TEDxDelft is organised and made possible by the people, companies and organisations that make Delft what it is today.

It’s not just the yearly TEDxDelft in the Aula Congress Centre anymore. We have monthly TEDxDelftSalons in TU Delft Library, TEDxYouth@Delft in theatre De Veste and we will soon start with TEDxDelftCinema in Filmhuis Lumen. On top of that there are great side-events like TEDxDelft Award, TEDxDelft tramrail race and TEDxDelft auditions. All in all a very long list of very inspiring events to be really proud of.

Without the support of TU Delft, it would be difficult for TEDxDelft and all the related events to take place. The TU Delft Aula Congress Centre is a great location for the event but the university support extends beyond the building. TU Delft faculty, students and staff donate their time, intelligence and creativity to making the event a success.

Rob Speekenbrink

Licensee/Curator TEDxDelft,

Consultant Online Media TU Delft

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