Team of ten scientists works on energy transition

Team of ten scientists working on energy transition



On 14 January, TU Delft will celebrate its 180th anniversary by focusing on its role in the energy transition, and in particular on the acceleration of this transition. This is a complex issue with the aim of creating a safe and reliable energy system. A team of ten scientists is giving this acceleration a face.


Together they form the Accelerator Team and they reflect the various disciplines and research themes at TU Delft. “It is about technology, but also about prices, policy, acceptance, and people’s behaviour,” says Prof. Deborah Nas (Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering), coordinator of the Accelerator Team.


The ten researchers are extensively interviewed in the latest edition of Delft Outlook, the alumni magazine of the TU Delft. What are the main obstacles and how do they tackle them? Read their stories here: 


(Foto’s: Sam Rentmeester)

Managing editor Katja Wijnands

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