Take our survey on sexually transgressive behaviour

What do you think about sexually transgressive behaviour? What experiences do you have? And what do you expect from TU Delft in this area?

(Illustration: Marjolein van der Veldt)

Delta is investigating sexually transgressive behaviour among students and you can help us.

We want to find out what students think about sexually transgressive behaviour, what your experiences are with it, and what you expect from TU Delft in this area. Filling in the questionnaire takes about 10 minutes. Your answers will be treated anonymously and confidentially.

We will use the outcomes of the questionnaire for our journalism in a way that will not be traceable to individuals. If you wish, you can leave your email address or telephone number at the end so that, if necessary, we can contact you with follow-up questions.

Should you experience any negative thoughts or feelings while filling in the questionnaire, please feel free to stop filling it in. It may help to contact a confidential advisor. The Sexual Assault Center offers help to anyone that has experienced an unwanted sexual encounter. You can chat or phone 0800-0188 anonymously and free of charge.

You can also contact Marjolein and Annebelle – the editors working on this investigation into sexually transgressive behaviour at TU Delft – directly at and You can also contact them with questions about support or in connection with the questionnaire. If you wish to email anonymously or to make sure that no one outside Delta can read your email, then email the specially secured address at Protonmail encrypts both emails and attachments as well as all email traffic. Only the two editors working on the investigation are in possession of the password to decrypt the messages.

The survey was created by Erasmus Magazine in collaboration with scientists from the Erasmus Love Lab


  • Have you had an unwanted sexual experience, and do you want to talk about it? Then contact the Sexual Assault Center where specialists are ready to help you. You can chat or phone 0800-0188 anonymously and free of charge.
  • It can also help to talk to the people around you.
  • TU Delft also offers support. The first person you should contact is always your Academic Counsellor. With your permission, your Academic Counsellor will put you in touch with the Safety and Security Department. They guide students who have been the victim of sexually transgressive behaviour through the process of lodging a police report. Jointly with you, they also see if aftercare is needed.
  • The Academic Counsellor can also refer you to the student psychologists. They offer short term guidance of up to three sessions. If you need long term support, they will refer you to the general practitioner or a psychologist outside TU Delft.
  • You can always contact your own general practitioner or the Student Healthcare Services (SGZ). Should the general practitioner not be available in the weekend, you can always contact the general medical centre in Delft on 015-2511930. See the website for more information.
  • It may help to contact a confidential advisor. Click here for more information.
  • As one of 10 students experience sexual intimidation, there is a good chance that you can offer a listening ear to someone. In this case, it is helpful to know how best to respond. The important thing is to stay calm. Staying calm helps the other person tell his or her story. More conversation techniques are available on ‘#metoo gespreksetiquette (in Dutch).
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