Surviving English language performances

As the international community in Delft continues to grow, there are a number of English language productions and performances in the area geared to the non-Dutch speaker. Here’s a guide to what took place in spring 2016.

TEDxDelft took place on April 15 at TU Delft’s Aula Congress Centre from 12:00 to 21:00. It was the fifth anniversary of the event, held on the birthday of one of history’s biggest thinkers, Leonardo da Vinci. The event celebrated the universal genius with inspiring speakers sharing their ideas. Regular tickets cost €45, and student tickets cost €20. Salons, storytelling and cinema events were hosted in addition to the main conference aimed at inspiring the community with ideas worth spreading.

Theater de Veste
Organisers have designed a programme suitable for the international community in Delft. Last spring, American one-man circus comedy show, Jamie Adkins, performed. Dance duo ‘Wang Ramirez’ created a portrait of a new, urban, mobile and intercultural generation. The play ‘A House in Asia’ was scheduled, as was British sight and sound show ‘The Bootleg Sixties’. Student discounts are available. There is a ‘recommended for internationals’ page on the website that’s worth taking a look at.

Madame de Berry
Aren’t we all lonely planets? This is the title of a unique theatre show created by Berry Visser, who stars as Madame de Berry. The performances take place in a twenty-seven seat theatre in the city centre, which also happens to be Visser’s home. Far more than a theatre show, it’s an experience. Madame de Berry takes you on a journey through space to Jupiter with Milky Way Airlines at 95% the speed of light, sharing her stories and theories along the way. “Our next series of performances will take place between October 15 and October 23 2016,” said Visser. Tickets cost €32.50, and private flights are also possible during this period.

Rietveld Theater
This small theatre hosts an ongoing series of culture days called ‘Spice up your Life’ featuring concerts, stories and theme days aimed at expats and organised in cooperation with guests from around the world, and is partly in English. “Music and dance are suitable for any language,” said Tamara Kuipers, volunteer. “We also have some performances in English, mostly international artists. We would like to do more for the international community in Delft, however, we need a programmer to do that. The theatre is run by volunteers.” They have ‘free play’ every second Sunday of the month in the evening; anyone who wants to share their music, writing or art on an open stage can go along. Every third Sunday of the month there’s a live jazz evening. Both events are free and open to all.

Further afield
In The Hague the Anglo American Theatre Group is an amateur group which enjoys, performs and supports English language theatre. Stichting The English Theatre (STET) also produces and promotes professional English language productions. In April 2016there were events commemorating Shakespeare’s death 400 years ago – STET worked on a programme with Dutch, Tunisian and British companies. Zuiderstrandtheater has a range of performances and events which are suitable for non-Dutch speakers too; from opera and jazz to flamenco.

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